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Repair options are available for all types of roofs including most single-ply membranes (TPO, EPDM, and PVC), Modified Bitumen, Built-Up, and Asphalt Shingles. Naples Roofing offers a variety of repair options to suit your specific needs and budget requirements. Damage from snow, hail, wind, traffic on the roof, or just the passage of time can be often be repaired without requiring a full replacement.

Roof Replacement

Naples Roofing can advise you when it makes more sense to replace your roof rather than repair it. We professionally manage projects end to end from pre-planning and estimating through deployment of any size, scope, or magnitude.

Whether your concerns are cost, energy efficiency, appearance or durability — or any combination thereof, Naples Roofing will help you select the best roofing system for your facility to protect your investment.

Warranties are available for the common periods of 10, 15, or 20 years. Manufacturers often offer additional special warranty periods under certain circumstances, and of course, Naples Roofing warrants all our work!

Preventive Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is an essential tool to keep your facility leak-free and protects the roof warranty. Most manufacturers’ warranties require the warranty holder to perform minimal preventative maintenance procedures to prevent damage to the sub-roof components. In addition to performing maintenance on your facilities, Naples Roofing can help you manage the ongoing maintenance requirements’ of your facilities.

Emergency Disaster Relief

Whether your emergency is mother-nature or disaster related, you can call us anytime. Naples Roofing Customer Care Team is available 24/7/365; we welcome your calls before, during or immediately after severe weather events for prompt courtesy service. Reach us at 716.877.8488 Office or 716.715.0756 Direct Cell.


Do you have multiple roofs in several locations which were installed at various times? Naples Roofing can handle tracking their condition, maintenance, warranty status and eventual replacement.


Learn if you need a new roof by understanding what causes common roofing problems, and get an expert evaluation from Naples Roofing:


  • Isolate source of known leaks
  • Identify compromised areas likely to cause future leaks
  • Inspect typical trouble spots: penetrations, laps, flashings
  • Check for storm damage


A planned preventive tracking and maintenance program is simply a program of scheduled inspections and performance of the required corrective action. The best time to initiate a preventive maintenance program is during the design and installation stages of a new roof system. Key elements of a program should include the following:


  • Budget forecasting
  • Repair vs. replacement cost effectiveness
  • Scheduled maintenance


Roof systems deteriorate over time from normal wear, contractors (HVAC, etc.) working on the roof, severe weather and even building settlement. While manufacturer warranties may protect your investment for 10, 15, or even 20 years, this does not mean your roof is impervious to damage during that period. In fact, nearly all warranties require regular inspections and scheduled maintenance to remain in effect.


Naples Roofing is an authorized contractor with major roof manufacturers. In addition to protecting and providing manufacturer warranties, we warrant all of our services as directed by client protocol.


Semi Annual/Annual Clean & Inspection


Naples Roofing Clean and Inspection process is designed to help you successfully manage the condition of your roof. As part of our Clean and Inspect program Naples Roofing will:

  • Photograph front of the facility
  • Photograph roof overview
  • Clean roof of debris, dirt and dust accumulated from standing water and waterways
  • Inspect flashings and curbs (photograph defected areas
  • Perform non-replacement minor repairs as needed
  • Photograph documentation of repairs (as applicable)
  • Provide a complete SURVEY of the entire roof
  • Provide a Recommended Work proposal for all visual defects needing immediate attention


Note: Minor repairs and debris removal are defined on a client to client basis but generally means small trash items or foliage (1 bag or less) especially around drains, in gutters, downpipes or scupper/conductor-heads. Minor repairs are limited to temporary seals with urethane sealant unless otherwise agreed upon.

Snow Removal

Not all facilities are designed with heavy snowfall in mind and when significant snowfall occurs, it's vital for building owners to monitor their facility’s roof system and evaluate it for signs of distress.

 Signs of danger may include some or all of the following:

  • Sagging steel supports
  • Splitting wood frame/supports
  • Sprinkler heads forced down below ceiling tiles
  • Doors/Windows popping open or difficult to open
  • Curving or bowing utility pipes or electrical conduit near the ceiling
  • Creaking or popping noises


Low sloped roofs are more at risk due to the freeze-thaw cycle and the associated draining issues. It is also important to keep in mind that the depth of the snow may be quite deceiving as this doesn't always indicate the weight of the snow. A foot of dry snow can weigh about 3-5 pounds per square foot whereas a foot of wet snow can weigh nearly 20-25 pounds. Heavy rain following recent snowfalls can be just as dangerous as its freezes overnight and adds to the overall weight-load on the roof.


Snow removal as needed coupled with regular roof checks will go a long way in keeping your employees & clientele safe. Snow removal is a dangerous process and should be left to professionals like Naples Roofing.


New Construction: Performance - On Time - On Budget


Whether you’re building from the ground up or performing an expansion, it’s extremely important to select a roof roofing contractor that can deliver for you. Roof installation is a critical part of construction schedule and it needs to be done professionally, safely, on time and on budget. Naples Roofing's experts are trained and certified to work on every type of roof system with the latest materials, technologies and equipment.


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